Sunday, February 09, 2003

Okay, here's something, not much but perhaps a half-decent starting point: here are the last twenty-five songs added to the This Is Radium Crass playlist. Might give you some idea of whence I'm coming from:

1. The Pooh Sticks - "Bad Morning Girl"

2. Halo Of Flies - "Garbage Rock"

3. Steely Dan - "Jack of Speed"

4. Chevy Heston - "Nancy Seduces the Couples"

5. Photek - "Axiom"

6. Statuesque - "Three Quarter Moon"

7. Lucky Sperms - "Tomorrow Never Knows/Glass Onion"

8. Wipers - "D-7"

9. The Adverts - "Safety In Numbers"

10. Velvet Underground - "Velvet Underground Ad"

11. Rutles - "It's Looking Good"

12. Shellac - "Jailbreak '95"

13. Alexander "Skip" Spence - "Lawrence of Euphoria"

14. Curtis Mayfield - "Move On Up"

15. Saccharine Trust - "Belonging to October"

16. Dredd Foole and the Din - "Not The Same"

17. Suicide - "Beggin' For Miracles"

18. Theoretical Girls - "Keyboard Etude"

19. Sproton Layer - "Jam From Outer Space"

20. Elvis Costello - "Psycho (Live at the Palomino Club, 1979)"

21. The Who - "Tattoo"

22. Faust - "So Far"

23. Greg Oblivian - "Bad Man"

24. The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - "Jabberwocky"

25. Dream Syndicate - "Tell Me When It's Over"

Now, I can delude myself and mewl about what a gloriously eclectic list that is (and that's just an eighth or so of the whole), but let's be frank - this is just your standard, everyday, self-conscious hipster lineup: a little classic R&B/soul to break up the wave of ivory that is the remainder of the list, only the hippest and cleverest classic rock artistes (the 'Oo, the Dan, Skip Spence), oh-my-god-so-cool cover versions and pastiches, a tiny touch of electronica or whatever new term has been coined for it since 1998, some old-school punk (from when it meant something, man), bootleg selections from most of the more well-known artists up there, and a whole lotta indie-bred one-moreobscuremanship (not Mission of Burma/Sonic Youth/Minutemen [though they're all represented on the full playlist], but MoB/SY/Mm offshoots and antecedents; arcane choices from the Flying Nun and SST catalogues; and a few bands/artists that even I've barely heard of). Is this the scowling face of community-college rock at its you're-too-hip-baby worst? Should I perform some kind of act of penance for deciding to remove that Donnas song I liked once I started hearing it on the radio and seeing them perform it on SNL (or was my job, at that point, done)? Am I revealing a ever-deepening vein, an ever-hardening artery of out-of-touchedness by even concerning myself with such things (the twenty-and-under-somethings being sure to look upon my 33-year-old tastes with undisguised, heavily-pierced contempt)? Should I be concerned that I'm not sure whether the Lucky Sperms track I downloaded from and uploaded to TIRC before listening to it may or may not have been transferred from 7" to MP3 at the wrong speed? Or should I just relax, admit that I love all this stuff despite all my contortions, and consider putting that Rick Springfield song I heard backing up the funniest sequence in Wet Hot American Summer that I couldn't remove from my consciousness for almost a week afterwards up there next to my fave Go-Betweens, Fall and Spacemen 3 hep-spasms, since, hell, nobody listens to the station (or reads this blog) but me anyway and I'm just indulging in these kinds of thoughts to avoid contemplating the forthcoming decimation on life on earth as we know it and subsequent descent into the deepest, most abysmal horrors imaginable?

Yeah, thought as much.

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