Sunday, February 09, 2003

I tried this out once a few months ago - a grand experiment and bandwagon-hop intended to force my lazy tuchus to write something, anything, every day to get my scribe-chops back. Um, didn't work. And the mini-boneyard of truncated, abandoned and incoherent posts that resulted is just too embarrassing for me to revisit or foist on anyone else, so I'm starting afresh, anew and aimproved. No daily writing pressures (the anxiety from which helped kill the last one), but hopefully you'll be hearing from me fairly frequently from here on out. And if you wanna hear what I hear, check out my Live365 Internet radio station, This Is Radium Crass (configured for broadband/high-speed connections only - sorry for being such a media elitist, I'm just trying to provoke a no-holds-barred oil-wrestling match with Ann Coulter*). Here's to the hope of coherent murmurings this time around.

Now Playing: The Theoretical Girls, "Keyboard Etude" into the Wipers, "D-7" (how many times d'ya think Cobain listened to this before starting a band? At least twice, I'll wager).

* A joke, by the way - Ms. Coulter may be kinda hot for a brain-damaged demagogue, but I still wouldn't touch her with someone else's ten-foot, spiked, curare-tipped pee-pee.

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