Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Recently, a friend posted a link to this blog on his Facebook page, in an attempt, perhaps, to shame me into, y'know, doing something with it. If that was his intent, then mission accomplished - as with so many things, I've let this once-promising domicile of wretched wordplay and smirky self-promotion fall into disrepair. So I've gussied up the place a touch, as you see, and hope to furnish the place with fresh posts on a semi-regular basis. More than ever, reacquiring the chops and discipline I once evinced in my days as a moderately-promising scribe is crucial (I won't go into detail here, but this has been a year of horrific personal reversals and disappointments, along with a few triumphs which I need to use as springboards to bounce out of the all-too-familiar troughs I habitually fall back into. Re-establishing good habits and building up certain atrophied creative muscles may possibly be my way out of these old self-defeating cycles o' mine). So, the goal here is to try and post something new every day, even if I'm just linking and/or embedding stuff. Expect a fair amount of banality and clunkiness here at the start, and feel free to goad, prod and harass me through any and all available channels if you think it will help me step up my game. Okay, damn it, gonna crank up the Prefab Sprout (to the extent that one can crank up Prefab Sprout) and limp out onto the field. Let's play...

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