Wednesday, October 27, 2004


(content guaranteed 100% real)

todae less0ns quitee short bahh ?
yahh . coshh g0t fire drill .
who0pie . sho fun de okie .
i was with liJian at the front gate dere .
then we were supp0sed to erm .
prevent any parents or reporters
into the sch0ol . uh huh `
then got this set of parents lahh
pretend to have children injured .
then tried to barge in okie .
wahh . me liJian felt the weight of them .
they kept pushing the gate lehh .
sh0 farnie . they made a big scene .
then neighbours were lo0king .
c0uldnt help laughing like crazy .
even the parents were laughing
when tobias wasnt dere lahh . grinns`

the sec 4s sh0 farnie lehh .
kept wanting to c0me into the sch
to sturdie lahh of coshh .
but can0t mahh . winkks`
sho they stayed outside with us
then zehou go0d soul gave me choc
whole bar lehh . smiles` thanks arh .
marcus t0o . gave me sweet . yahh .
but me and liJian enjoyed ourelf lahh .
can l0ck people outside . prisoners .
evil ehh . grinns` ow kept scolding them .
ask them go somewhere else first .
but when they came backk arh
haven finish the drill yet . wahh .
then they complain sh0 muchh .

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