Sunday, February 03, 2019


It occurs to me that it may be instructional for those new to these parts not to let content like that which lies beneath this post obscure the very breadth and range of my talent. For I am not merely a rank underachiever in the realm of prose, oh no; I also channel my intermittent bursts of manic, clotted creativity into failing to clear the bar of expectations, no matter how low you choose to set it, on both the dramatic stage and terrestrial radio! So enjoy this original material as excerpted from my weekly radio program (dig my two most recent episodes right here), and, if you enjoy it, feel free to goad and shame me into maybe putting this kind of effort in on a far more regular basis. 

Or I could just try to follow the example of my dear friend Daric Moore, who's the reason that the first segment of this three-part runner is anywhere near as good as it is, and seek out the music of his band/passion project, Midas Digs, right heah.

Knock me your lobes, then. Abuse only as directed.

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