Thursday, January 03, 2013


Three days into my blog-post-every-day project, and at least two things have come clear: 1) the necessity of daily content has forced me to be far less precious about the creative process (a welcome development for the kind of guy who has filled entire notebooks - several of them - attempting to analyze a single episode of a forty-three-year-old television show, and has still only gotten about two-thirds of the way into it) and 2) the necessity of daily content has forced me to post material which, were I allowing myself to be even slightly more precious about the creative process, would otherwise be taking a return trip to the drawing board, possibly only on a brief layover while awaiting its connecting flight to the dumper.  The attempted piece of aural humor that follows is not altogether hopeless, I suppose - on paper, it looked like a real corker - but, to my ears, it falls well short of satisfaction.  Chalk it up to my usual haste - instead of spending the hour or so it would have taken to pre-record it ahead of time, I opted to do it live, on-air, near the end of last night's installment of Wow & Flutter without so much as a rehearsal or even a cursory scan of the dialogue in order to determine what words might be hiding in the tangled thickets of my infamously inscrutable handwriting, the same sort of haste that forces me into compound knots of tortured syntax in attempting to introduce said attempted piece of aural humor in a blog post titled with a limp, labored pun because it's six minutes before midnight and I just have to get this thing date-stamped January 3 or I've failed my public, by which I mean the two dozen spambots who facelessly scan this blog and keep trying to sell me trazadone and Ugg boots.  Anyway, my intent is to use this piece in the next episode of my podcast, should that ever surface, so perhaps it will be rewritten, re-edited and re-performed into a truly marvelous piece of audio comedy between now and then.  Or at least I'll use stereo separation to make it clear that I'm supposed to be playing two different people.  So you might look upon this as raw material, a demo version of a future masterpiece, part of the track listing for some future Beatles Anthology of comedy.  Or, more likely, another example of what happens when medium talent meets mediocre execution.  But, hey, it's content.  Even if I'm not.

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