Friday, June 24, 2005


101. "Why is it your scabs always smell like pie?" - The Geldlings of Thorndike Terrace, 1946

102. "You're not a real apostle, Walter, and that probably isn't Jesus' neckerchief." - Golgolthan Puke Party, 1974

103. "AAAA-OOOO-GAHH! (eighteen-second belch)" - The Life and Times of Madame Curie, 1957

104. "Placenta! Placenta everywhere!" - Dolts of the West, 1977

105. "Do it! Mispronounce 'noblesse oblige' again! I fucking dare you!" - The Elocutioner, 1986

106. "Don't worry about it, Phil, it's East Parsippany." - The Town With One Chinese Family Living in It, 1975

107. "Nah, it wasn't Beauty. 'Twas the plunge from the very tall building that killed that friggin' ape." - King Kong (directors cut), 1933

108. "You had me at 'sucking chest wound'." - Open Heart, Open Pneumothorax, 1997

109. "That capybara molested my sheltie!" - Confused in the Wild, 1987

110. "You know how to make a motorboat sound, don't you, Stu? You just put your lips together and... bbrr-brr-ap... wait a second, maybe you should moisten them a little first..." - To Have and Have Not and Then Get Some of It Back Again With the Insurance Money, 1938


Za . . . Fuck YOU said...

"Frankly miss, I only have a quarter"
-Gone With the Hobo, 1937

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful, albight platonic, friendship. Get your hand of my thigh, frenchie."
-Coca Cabana, 1942

"Rosehips. They are an excellent source of vitamin C" -Citizen Apothecary, 1941

"Oh Shit, not cancer, the disease cancer? Like, cancer cancer? C'mon, not, like, fucking funtime joke cancer, but cancer Oh Shit cancer? But I was in Much Ado About Nothing!" - Wit?, 2001

"This is one good motherfucking california roll. Not a five dollar california roll, but a good fucking california roll. The roe tastes great!" Pulp Fishin', 1994

Za . . . Fuck YOU said...


Sending you some love and good vibes, even if I don't believe in that hippie bullshit.

Randy Wylde said...

Brrr...appppp! Heh. Heh heh. Heheheheheheh. My coworkers think I'm insane. It's your fault.