Thursday, November 11, 2004


(content guaranteed 100% not-made-up-by-me)

I solemnly make a promise to you.If i ever happen to be catching multiple homes on fire in the beverly hills area and have enough gasoline left over as im walking to home depot to attempt to shoplift a ceiling fan,ill be reminded by the piercing fucking ring tone playing American Idiot from an a list celebrity and i will simply offer ashlee simpson for example, a box of untampered cabinet handles,attempting to get her to follow me out into the remote hollywood hills,then i will proceed to burn her.To burn her oh so badly,and i will have no regrets in my blood.And then i will go home and make 142 sandwiches with the main ingredient being a washcloth and the blood of a deer.See were all a bit fucking nuts arent me.My point exactly.


Za . . . Fuck YOU said...

Hey dude. You're gone, I'm gone, and now I wonder what Massachussetts will do without our terrible puns.

keep writing,

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.